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IAJGS 2019 Up to this point, I have had high aspirations of being a Jewish genealogist and blogger but very little to show in the way of accomplishments. But, this past week, while attending the International Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies annual conference, I was able to meet up with some notable Jewish genealogy bloggers, such as Emily Graber, Janice Sellers and Lara Diamond and they all assure me that this conference makes for a perfect opportunity to jump-start my blogging activity and contribute to Emily Garber’s (going) The Extra Yad IAJGS 2019 Blogger Compendium.     I am not going to try to summarize all the sessions I have attended, but I do want to outline those that have made an impact on me.   Let me start with conference activities that impact my efforts to blog. Not only did I attend the meet-up of Jewish Genealogy bloggers, but I attended Mary-Jane Roth’s presentation, My Family History Blog: A Multi-purpose Tool. Roth uses Blogger as