Past Adventures

Although this is my first blog, these are NOT my first blog posts. I got the amazing opportunity to try out as a genealogy blogger at Genealogy! Just Ask! I want to thank the owners of that site, Robin Foster and Jan Mitchell-McDermott for their support as I gave blogging a try.

Here is a rundown with links to my GJA blog posts:

Finding the Fraimans, written 11 September 2016: Who are the people in this photograph? Could they be my cousins?

What’s in a Name, written 24 September 2016: How does a genealogy researcher know when she has found “her guy”?

The Myth of Ellis Island, Part 1, written 14 November 2016; Part 2, written 12 December 2016; Part 3, written 31 December 2016; Part 4, written 15 January 2017; and, finally (whew) Part 5, the Conclusion, written 3 February 2017.  This 5-part series is written as an attempt to apply the Genealogical Research Standard (GPS) to the research question, “When (and under what circumstances) did my second great grandfather go from being known as Yussel Wilkimirsky to Joseph Friedman?”

Hope you enjoy them!


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